Sea Kist – as seen on TV

Sea Kist in South Queensferry has made regular appearances on BBC TV’s “Antiques Road Trip”.

Owner Jenni Meldrum has also appeared on TV’s “Antiques Roadshow”. But Jenni says all the haggling on TV isn’t quite the same in real life.

She says: “Before the present situation with the Covid pandemic haggling was pretty much expected. However people should remember this is how most antique dealers earn their living and many businesses will have been drastically affected this year.

“So beating down the price has now taken on a greater significance.

“It has to be said that most antique dealers expect some element of haggling but what happens on TV is somewhat different from real life. 

“Also worth mentioning are the fact presenters/celebrities are on healthy fees/salaries and any profits from the sale of items go to charity . . . so the antique dealers are in reality the most generous ones in the whole process.

“Always worth asking, would people do the same with any other business – for example, restaurants, pubs etc.”

Ricky Grover and David Harper from BBC’s “Antique Road Trip” with Jenni Meldrum outside Sea Kist.
TV’s Anita Manning arrives outside Sea Kist in her vintage car.
Roll ’em! Kaye Adams and Anita Manning have a hunt through the Sea Kist shop in South Queensferry for “Antiques Road Trip”.
Scots actor Clive Russell, star of “Game of Thrones”, with TV’s David Harper during a visit to Sea Kist by BBC’s “Antiques Road Trip”.

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Owner of Sea Kist in South Queensferry.

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